Sunday, August 21, 2011

Enforcing Naps

"Naps are not an option based on your baby's wants. When naptime comes, the baby goes down...Mom, not baby decides when the nap starts. Mom, not baby decides when the nap ends. If your baby wakes up crying or cranky, it's most often because he or she has not had sufficient sleep*. Other factors to consider are a dirty diaper, a noisy neighbor, sickness coming on, or an arm or leg stuck between the crib slats." On Becoming Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo, M.A. and Robert Bucknam, M.D. (*disposition for a 4-6 month old)

But what do you say?


  1. I'm kinda confused on this as well, but I can tell you without a nap, she's gets super cranky and we are at risk for a serious meltdown if she doesn't nap. I know the trick to get her to settle down and nap, dad has a harder time because with dad, it's all about the play-time. If she naps too long, then she doesn't sleep well at night either. What I expect is at least 45 mins after lunch and a nap in the early evening... also, should we go anywhere, she normally naps in the car. Also depends on where so goes down for the nap. She'll sleep longer if she's in our bed, less if she's in her crib. If she naps a total of 2.5 hours a day, I'm happy.

  2. We use a nap on demand system. He will usually fall asleep while nursing if he needs a nap and sleep until he wakes up. I don't try to fight it, just go with the flow. It works for me.